MAMA PAPA LALA LAND, Bærum Kunsthall, 2021. Filmed by Margarida Paiva. Video edited and Sound recorded by Margarida Paiva and Kim Hankyul.

works included :
Repetto Sequence - ain't no repetto gets a zeal on a stiletto (2021)
Room on the Verge of Nervois Breakdown (2021)
Snoring Sound Motor Machine (2015-2021)
Death Rattle (2020-2021)
I Watch You who Watches Me who Watches You who Watches Me. This Title may Never End and So may You and I. (2021)
Traces and Tracks and Symbols and Emblems and Directions and Orientations and Houses and Lands and Bodies and Ghots Ugh, chalk drawings on painted wood (2021)
Home 200-35 (2021)
Portable Nuance Structures for Acute Minds and Neural Trembles (2021)

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